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The Rotfather

Challenge: The Rotfather is a transmedia project spread differently in a good number of mediums such as PC game, board game, card game, books and HQs, according to each audience interest. It is developed by G2E, Education and Entertainment Group, in Brazil. 

Solution: Using Strategy design to understand and create a versatile brand that represents the project and it's graphic and digital touch points. 

Country: Brazil-Netherlands

Language: Portuguese/English

Roles: Strategy Design, Branding,

Graphic Design & UI



The Rotfather is a transmedia project that has a complex mafia story world spread differently in

a good number of mediums, according to each audience interest. The Story is about Al kane, a powerful rat that is a sugar dealer during the 1940s’, in the sewers of an American city. In an unrefined/rough metropolis, built under the streets, a number of other animals like spiders, cockroaches, frogs, rhinoceros bugs, and other rats face issues with Al Kane’s sugar dealing empire. With a stylized noir tone,  the project has made a strong research on the mafia system – real and fictional stories in movies and books -, on successfully considered storytelling and not successful in different mediums and contexts in the last decades.




The mafia universe was chosen based on trying to talk about something that lots of people know or have already been told about. An American city was chosen due to its huge and height sewers. And a group of animals was chosen, because it’s easier to talk about human things using animals – it usually captives the audience. The timeline bellow connects the storyworld of each media with the respective dates.


Nowadays, around 40 people from the G2E group [Educational and Entertainment Group], are already involved in The Rotfather Transmedia projetct, helping the development of the mediums.


They are organized in 6 areas: Art and Design; Storytelling; Game Design; Programming; Audio; and Design coordinated by MONICA STEIN. 


The Design



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